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Morning Star Family Ministries, Inc. (MSFM) is a 501 c 3 non-profit organization, doing business as Martin Addiction Recovery Center (MARC) and Tiospaye Addiction Recovery Center (TARC).

Our  Mission is to “Help Restore Balance” to the individuals and their families so they may lead chemically free lives balanced with appropriate care  for diagnosed mental illness or behavioral disorders, thus becoming part of  Healthy Communities while raising healthy families.

Our Goal is to become the Community Resource Facility that has a Comprehensive, Continuous, and Integrated System of Care for people with complex needs. Our staff and services will utilize a welcoming, culturally sensitive, empathetic, hopeful, person and family centered approach within the Community for individuals and families with mental health, substance abuse and developmental disorders and disabilities.

Our Philosophy is that Chemical Dependency is viewed as an ongoing illness at times secondary to a mental health issue and the goal of treatment; therapy and education is to assist chemically dependent clients and their families in establishing a sobriety program based on individual treatment needs assessment within a recovering community, behavioral and cognitive approach, Techniques utilized to accomplish the above goal are individual sessions, group sessions, family sessions and utilization of the program’s structured group processes.





Please see our annual report for 2009 for a quick look at our recovery centers.

Here is a list of the services provided at MARC and TARC.